Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Updated: Mar 23

ॐ नमो गुरु देव् नमो)

I LOVE this mantra, from the moment I first heard it I knew it was powerful, full body tingles, emotions bubbling to the surface. I did not know the meaning at the time but the sound & the vibration meant something to me.

The mantra both protects us and connects us to the highest source of wisdom. There are many ways to translate it, but one is, “I bow to the All-That-Is. I bow to the Divine Wisdom within myself.”

Wow, when I learned this my jaw literally dropped, This is my intention at Live Wisely, not to tell you how to live your life but simply guide you to create rhythm & stillness in your day so that you can connect with your own inner wisdom and cultivate a life overflowing with health and happiness.

Literally create the life your soul incarnated here to experience - aligned, purposeful and fulfilling.

We all have access to this knowing, this inner voice guiding us, we just need to quieten the mind so that we can listen, then live in alignment. That’s what it means to Live Wisely.

I have just revised my Live Wisely guide to help you on this journey, its packed with helpful Ayurvedic tips so your day unfolds with more more flow and less force, so you can create some stillness and be more aware of your insights.

Click here to download your copy.

Live Wisely, Abbie x

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