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What's your dosha?

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If you are new to Ayurveda, you have probably heard about the 3 Dosha's - Vata, Pitta Kapha, and your probably itching to find out what your dominant dosha is! Well this quiz is for you!  Then head over to read my Journal to learn all about your dosha!

If you have been exploring Ayurveda for a while you will understand that there are many layers of wisdom that continue to unfold, like a lotus flower, so while I like to simplify it in the beginning, you will come to learn so much more as you build on the foundations of the three doshas. Check out my course, Crafting Your Ayurvedic Path to dive deeper.


Herbs & oils

Are you looking for a few Ayurvedic supplies? Possibly a tongue scraper, neti pot, medicated body oils or ayurvedic herbs?

Banyan Botanicals have a great range of Fairly Traded, Sustainably Sourced & Organic products.

If you would like some insight as to which products might be best for you, take the Dosha Quiz above & pop back here to place your order for local Australian shipping.


Your Ayurvedic Path

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Starting out on your Ayurvedic journey you will start to explore & get to know your Prakriti, your natural constitution, which uncovers your tendencies for dis-ease as well as your unique abilities.  Its through understanding your true nature, that you can cultivate a life that is truly aligned & fulfilling as you can play to your strengths & fortify your weaknesses.

To truly harness the potential of Ayurveda  there are a few more pieces of the puzzle that need to be put in place to see the full picture, without these pieces some information may seem contradictory, incomplete or just plain overwhelming.

So if you feel like you have more questions than answers after completing your dosha quiz, then Crafting My Ayurvedic Path is for you! 


I will hold your hand as we systematically piece the puzzle together, starting with a nice foundation and building on that until you have clear understanding of how your body works and how you can support it.


Ultimately, Ayurveda is about tuning in & developing that self awareness so that you know what your body needs & you can heal yourself, our body is in a constant state of flux and is changing  from moment to moment, ideally we adjust with these changing states.

What's in the course?

1. Determine your Prakriti or natural constitution

2. Understand your Vikriti state if any imbalances are present

3. Assess the state of Agni or your digestion

4. Clear Ama or toxins in the body in order to improve Ojas or immunity & vitality

5. Cultivate a Dinacharya & Rithurcharya, daily & seasonal routine that serves you and allows you to live in flow with nature throughout the day, the seasons and  the various stages of life.