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Why use essential oils?

Essential oils are so versatile & seriously do all the things - clean your home without chemicals, enhance or support your physical wellbeing, ease tension, improve your mood, sleep, concentration, add extra flavour to your food & beverages and the list goes on. 


I love how empowered I feel knowing that I have a range of pure, natural, safe, concentrated, effective, plant based remedies at my fingertips, and the kids love choosing oils for themselves as well.


How I use my oils...


Everyday and most nights we put some oils into the diffusers, this is the easiest and quickest way to use essential oils, your home is filled with the most amazing aromas and everyone benefits. Best of all no more toxic air fresheners and room sprays.

  • Uplifting oils in the morning to energise my body & combat the excess Kapha, I usually reach for Lemon, RC or Orange

  • Grounding calming oils in the evening such as Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Lavender or Frankincense to help everyone wind down & ground Vata.

  • Floral or cooling oils when I am working or need to soften the Pitta, Peppermint is great for focus &  clarity.



I use  oils topically for DIY skincare and body oils but also as my go to when life happens.

  • Frankincense, Valor & Lavender to make a gorgeous my skin serum or toner 

  • Lavender on bites & scrapes 

  • Thieves & Lemon in the winter to cleanse & protect boost our Ojas 

  • I rub PanAway and or Peppermint on sore muscles or knocks & bumps

  • Use Stress Away or Valor as a natural perfume on my wrists and temples as needed to feel calm & confident

  • Valor & Orange on the kids when they feel scared or have bad dreams

  • Add Lavender or Stress Away for a relaxing bath soak

  • We rub Digize on our tummy when we have eaten too much

  • We pop a drop of Peace & Calming of the soles of our feet when we need a good nights sleep!

  • Apply RC and or Peppermint to the chest or sinus so we can breathe easy 

  • I even use Peppermint to freshen the breath instead of gum.

The possibilities are endless!

Food & beverages

I like to add a drop of peppermint, lemon or orange oil to add a burst of flavour to my water & bliss balls or add to salad dressings. Lots of other culinary oils to explore. 


DIY'S - cleaning & personal care products

I am always looking for ways to reduce our chemical exposure, using essential oils allow me to easily replace these harmful cleaning products with gentler, more effective options to reduce the burden. We use Thieves, RC, Lemon & Orange combined with a few pantry staples such as vinegar and bi-carb to clean most surfaces in our home, to freshen the laundry or remove sticky spots.


These oils have seriously change the way we live each day & consequently the way we feel! 


Starter Bundles

The Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is by far the best value giving you 12 popular essential oils to play with as well as your choice of Diffuser.

If you like to move to low-tox living and remove the nasty chemicals from your home why not try the Healthy Homes PSK or the NingXia Red PSK if your into nutritional supplements.

If you would prefer to select your own combination of Young Living products, then a Customised Enrolment Order or the Culinary Basic Starter Kit (BSK) is the way to go.

Click on the images below for full list of inclusions.

PSK Desert Mist

PSK Desert Mist

PSK Dew Drop

PSK Dew Drop

PSK Lantern

PSK Lantern

PSK Rainstone

PSK Rainstone

PSK Bamboo

PSK Bamboo

PSK Aria

PSK Aria

PSK Healthy Homes

PSK Healthy Homes

PSK NingXia Red

PSK NingXia Red

Basic Starter Kit - Culinary

Basic Starter Kit - Culinary


The YL difference...

Young Living essential oils are unique & powerful, the aromas, the purity, the quality and the frequency of the oils are like no other, not all oils are created equal & many essential oils on the market are adulterated or contain synthetics.


I have worked with many different essential oils over the years & I have to  say I was a little uninspired & thought they were nice enough but did not understand how powerful they could be until I experienced a massage using Young Living essential oils, Valor in particular.


I experienced first hand the power of essential oils when in their purest form. The treatment was transformational, I could feel it! The aromas were amazing - so true to the original plant source, it was like the energy of the plant lived on in the essential oil. I now understand what I was experiencing was a shift in frequency, Truly amazing!


How to order


If you have any questions or want to know more please comment or email me - I am here to help any way I can!

To start building your own collection of Young Living Essential Oils and receive wholesale prices just like I do follow these simple steps!

  1. Click 'SHOP NOW' or link above

  2. Click ‘Become a Member’ and then 'Get Started'

  3. You will then get to select your Starter Kit and preferred diffuser, I love the Desert Mist, Rainstone & Aria.

  4. You will have the option to join with Essential Rewards our value packed loyalty program.

  5. Click ' Add more products' or 'Next' once happy with your order.

  6.  Add name, delivery information as well as add set a user name and password for you account.

  7. When prompted click 'I was referred by a member' and enter '10663852' in both fields.

These amazing pure essential oils will now make their way to your door! I remember the day I received my Premium Starter Kit, I was so excited, like a kid at Christmas, it was so special! And as I opened each of the beautiful oils and experienced the unique aromas I was taken on a sensory journey!


Want more?

When you buy your Premium Starter Kit you become a Wholesale Member which means you will receive 24% all future orders* simply log in to your account & order as needed.

If you want to go chemical free and embrace a wellness lifestyle, I would highly recommend joining with Essential Rewards. ER is the most generous loyalty program I've scene, each month as you go go through your home replacing harmful chemicals with plant based goodness you will received so many free products, discounts, reduced shipping and exclusive bundles.  Completely flexible, you can cancel or join Essential Rewards at anytime.​ 

I would highly recommend adding the Thieves cleaning products or the amazing blends for emotional support & empowerment such as those in the Feelings Kits shown below.

Essential Rewards Explained (Video)

If you have any questions or want to know more please email me 

My favourite things...

Chemical Free Cleaning with Thieves

Chemical Free Cleaning with Thieves

Emotional Healing with the Feelings Kit

Emotional Healing with the Feelings Kit

Always read the label and use only as directed.

Always choose a therapeutic grade essential oil and avoid 'fragrant' oils.