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Living in alignment with your inner wisdom for

Health & Happiness.

This is living wisely.

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You know your dosha, but have more questions than answers?

Craft 'Your Ayurvedic Path' with me so that you can embody the wisdom everyday.

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Looking for organic herbs, oils & accessories to support your Ayurvedic routine & natural lifestyle?

Shop Banyan Botanicals,

Young Living & Healy.

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Abhyanga body massage, steam bath & energy healing.

Customizing your healing with subtle energy balancing to undo, transmute & regenerate.

Group Yoga



Connect with other souls & nourish your being at our in person events.

Yoga, Satsang, Meditation, Ayurveda, Sound Baths & more

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Escape the hustle & bustle & immerse yourself in nature.

Time to retreat, reconnect & rejuvenate.

Customized program & accommodation.


My journal

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Love notes

Yoga Teacher

Abbie has a wonderful gift of taking a complex foreign topic & delivering in a way that is easy to understand.

Ayurvedic Practitioner

I love the depth and perspective Abbie provides in her journal, always inviting me to contemplate & always be curious.


Abbie delivers her Ayurvedic workshops with so much passion, I can't wait to adopt some of the practices... ordering my Abyanga oil & tongue scraper now!

Stay connected

Want to set up a daily routine that flows?

My FREE Live Wisely guide uses Ayurvedic principles to craft a practice in tune with natures natural rhythms.


The result, more flow & less force.

As we get to know each other I will also share Ayurveda, Yoga & how you can use the healing power of plants & frequency to enhance your life.

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Abbie Marshall

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

Ad. Dip. Ayurveda

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

Dip. Beauty & Massage Therapy

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Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

ॐ नमो गुरु देव् नमो)

Ong Namo means, "I bow to the Divine wisdom of All That Is."

Guru Dev Namo means, "I bow to the Divine teacher within."

This mantra helps center the us during our asana or meditation practice and reinforces the connection to the Divine within and universally.

This is my intention at Live Wisely, not to tell you how to live your life but simply guide you to create rhythm & stillness in your day so that you can connect with your own inner wisdom and cultivate a life overflowing with health & happiness.


Literally create the life your soul incarnated here to experience - aligned, purposeful & fulfilling.

We all have access to this knowing, this inner voice guiding us, we just need to quieten the mind so that we can listen, trust & live in alignment. That’s what it means to Live Wisely.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful mantra with Kirbanu.