Are you brave enough to walk alone?

Updated: Mar 23

As a wayshower, your role is quite unique, you are a pioneer, you lead the way, you get to go first, by simply taking that first step on your path, you are living your purpose, you inspire many that come to follow.

At first it's scary, you feel like you can't possibly continue living the life you are living, yet when you turn to go your own way, the path is overgrown, desolate, there's not a soul in sight. This is a pivotal moment in life.

It is at this fork in the road you must choose - will you be guided by your heart, that inner calling that is unique to you and walk alone, or do you stick with the crowd?

Your head chimes in with logic and reason, trying to persuade you, suggesting everybody else is going that way so it must be best, besides, there is safety in numbers. Right?

Last night during the super new moon, I could not sleep, messages where coming in, the only way I could rest was to first get my thoughts down on paper, there is a message here for someone, maybe its you? Here's my journey over the last two years...

At first I was angry, I felt hurt and betrayed, I could suddenly see the things that were hidden, the blindfold was removed, I had awoken from my slumber and it felt as though I had 2020 vision. I was passionate, I was driven and I was on a mission. I felt like my entire life I had been training for this moment, I felt overwhelmed yet at the same time knew I this was part of my life's purpose.

In my awareness, I felt alone, misunderstood, no-one could see what I could see... I later come to realize this was my dark night of the soul. As the layers were striped away, I had to decide what I stood for, nowhere to hide, I had to be vulnerable, be authentic, let the thoughts of others, the judgment, the persecution and the ridicule wash over me and stand true to my wisdom.

Through this process I experienced the duality and the extreme polarization, everywhere I turned, there was no middle ground, the world was literally splitting in two and as the chasm become wider, it was impossible to have a foot on either side, I had to choose, I had to jump, take the leap of faith.

It was through this process I experienced the full spectrum of emotions – There were days I just cried, I shed so many tears, I sobbed my heart out, I experienced so much grief as I mourned what we had lost, everything crumbled, and the task of rebuilding was overwhelming. Then there were days where I felt elated, joyful and so full of optimism, I could see others coming together, and sharing their beautiful visions of a new world we can create. These powerful conversations, openly sharing ours ideas were so inspiring, I felt far from alone, I felt seen, I felt heard and I felt understood - I was at peace.

This rebirth, passing through the eye of the needle, was not pleasant, there were days that felt impossible to get through, realizing that no-one is going to save me, I have to take responsibility, I had to make things happen, asking myself what am I here to create, how can I serve, what needs to change so I can show up truly embodying my inner wisdom – all the inner work needed to be done so that I could show up and take inspired action everyday.

This process was raw and tormenting, but in hindsight, so essential for the transformation that needed to take place, although I did not agree with many things in the world a few years ago, so much of it seemed to be upside down, Life was too comfortable for me to take action and make a change. Now when I look around, I see glimpses of the new earth manifesting and I feel so much more at home, I am grateful for how the experiences of the last two years have supported my growth and catapulted me onto my path.

While I still look around today in disbelief, I can barely recognize the world I live in, I can clearly see the two realities existing simultaneously side by side, I can see those trying to manage with one foot in each world. I want you to know I see you going through your dark night of the soul and your own rebirth, and I want you to know you are not alone, chaos creates opportunities, the phoenix rises from the ashes and when we get uncomfortable, we act, the best is yet to come and it's always darkest before the dawn.

As the ground gets shaky, we feel like we are being displaced, but trust you are being repositioned so that you can do your life’s work. You are being picked up and put on your path, Everything that is not aligned will fall away, and from my experience the longer you resist following your inner wisdom, the more uncomfortable if can be, surrender and let your heart guide you, if it feels good do it, take the leap, you will be caught!

Through this process I have learnt that when we are brave enough to show others what we really stand for, to live with integrity and an open heart, we give others permission to do the same and we can then connect with our tribe on a much deeper level. When we hide and conceal our truth we will never experience bliss of being in communion with another. I have met so many amazing heart centered warriors with big dreams and a cause worth fighting for, the future will be bright.

If this message resonates with your, you are not alone, people are gathering, find your tribe, we are here building the new earth and we need you!

Live Wisely, Abbie x

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