Do you trust your instincts?

Updated: Mar 23

Most of my life, the world did not really make sense to me - my values, beliefs and ideals where not aligned with popular, accepted viewpoints. I often feel like a pioneer, forging a new path, going against the status quo.

This lead to so much confusion, I always felt so strong and passionate and aligned with my beliefs, but society and older, ‘wiser’ people around me seemed to see things differently… I remember feeling, ‘they must know better’, ‘I must have misunderstood’, ‘maybe I am missing something’ – I was not oppressed in anyway but I remember often sitting back in contemplation, quietly observing the dialogue, trying to comprehend the various viewpoints and rationale, always weighing up both sides for the story attempting to understand.

For a long time this led me to question & doubt my own instincts.

As I reflect, I can see key times in my life where I acted against my instinct and inner wisdom due to the doubt that had developed… I did things that I knew where not in alignment but were the safest, most accepted action for me to take. Lots of trial, error and learning.

For a time, I looked back on my decisions with regret and judgement, how could I have gone along with that, I knew in my heart it was not my path.

Now I understand and have learnt this was all part of my evolution, to trust my inner wisdom and guidance, that I know my truth, I no longer need to seek truth outside of myself and I am grateful for the learnings that have come before so that I can stand in my truth now and in the future.

“But instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers

that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain,

is futile.”

― Nikola Tesla

Sending you all lots of love & a little reminder that you know your truth and truth resonates with your heart (not the intellect) - we do not need to be told, sold or convinced of truth. The synchronicity that seems to occur when you begin to live in alignment with your own wisdom are almost magical.

Live Wisely, Abbie x

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