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Updated: Mar 23

As you may be aware, many Ayurvedic practices are developed to support our Agni or our digestive fire. Agni represents our ability to digest & assimilate everything that comes into our body – this includes foods & emotions. Strong agni results in vitality & health, while a weak slow agni leads to the formation of ama or toxins.

I invite you to consider your angi as an actual fire, some people experience their agni as a hot out of control bonfire that burns through huge logs of wood in no time at all, while others may experience their agni as slow low burning coals that can transform small twigs but large logs tend to snuff the fire out.

Tend to your agni as you would a camp fire, observe and make adjustments accordingly, if you are not hungry, don’t eat a big heavy meal, you need stoke the fire first.

So much of what Ayurveda teaches comes back to strengthening our Angi, which in turn leads to health and vitality, sipping warm water and herbal drinks during the day is one of those practices, cold iced drinks are not recommended.

This is a simple change you can make, I never leave the house without my T2 thermos full of warm herbal goodness.

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Live Wisely, Abbie x

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