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3 Stages of life

Once you understand Ayurveda, you see dosha everywhere, these qualities become quite obvious as we grow in awareness and we start to see patterns everywhere. The qualities of the dosha come and go throughout our day, they flow through the seasons and they flow through our life.

Today, I would like to touch on how dosha’s present throughout our life.

From birth to adolescence is the Kapha stage of our life

Kapha is earth and water, it’s qualities are heavy, dense, sticky, slimy, cool and damp... kind of like mud if you will!

Kapha is essential for growth and building our tissues but out of balance can commonly accumulate in the chest and sinus. Kids are more susceptible to drool, runny noses and chesty coughs, when they fall ill. The qualities of this excess mucous match qualities of Kapha and show that it has accumulated in the system.

Adolescence to menopause (or similar age for the guys reading) is our pitta time

Pitta is more action, heat, hormones, hunger to achieve and passion. It’s the fire in our bellies!

These are generalisations but pitta imbalance can result in burning sensations, headaches, hormonal problems, sensitive eyes, liver, digestive and skin complaints.

Post menopause (or similar age for my male audience) is the Vata time

The qualities of Vata are cold, mobile, subtle, light, rough and dry. As we age these qualities increase with tendencies to loose weight, bones and joints tend to get dry and crack, we can get aches and pains and perhaps a more spiritual approach to life, where the simple things matter as we become wiser.

The key philosophy with Ayurveda is ‘like increases like and opposites pacify’ to best manage these transitions in our life a thrive at every age we simply need to observe these qualities in our body and apply the opposites.

For more information about the doshas refer to other blog posts, Introducing Vata Dosha,

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