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Updated: Mar 23

Today we're exploring the Ayurvedic daily routine, one thing the daily routine aims to do is nurture, strengthen and protect our organs of sense – the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin.

These organs receive and perceive everything we come in contact with – the information we gather creates feelings, thoughts and actions - they are literally creating our every experience.


Now imagine if the senses are in some way impaired… the information we are receiving is distorted… this then also effects our experience.


Ayurveda says there are three causes of disease and one in the overuse, misuse or under use of the senses – for example watching a violent movie, listening to gossip, over-indulging in something sweet or inhaling a harsh chemical, as you can imagine the possibilities are endless, but these seemingly insignificant interactions of the subtlest nature impact our emotions and our biology.


Something to ponder, I’d love to hear your thought around this? For some of you it will resonate immediately and for others it may take some time, but once you bring in your awareness you will see many correlations.


So, what does Ayurveda recommend? Obviously, you can be mindful about what you take in through the sense and make adjustments, but part of the daily routine involves certain practice to strengthen and nourish the senses and prevent degeneration.⠀

The eyes are the seat of pitta, the fiery Dosha, so generally splashing the eyes with cool water is enough, or try rose or coriander water for something more soothing. Ghee is also wonderful for pacifying pitta & vata, so if the eyes are a little dry, this can work wonders and a Triphala eye wash when cleansing is needed or when Kapha is involved.


Live Wisely, Abbie x

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