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Updated: Mar 23

As I sit at my computer all I hear is silence - and I'm not sure if I like it or not!

The next room is usually bursting with giggles and games and today they are both at school, and the feelings are heightened for me because my baby boy is off to school for the first time!

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So for the last 8 years, I have been a stay-at-home mum juggling study, work and family - trying to do 'all the things' and now I have the luxury of concentrating on one thing at a time... and lets just say it will take some getting used to. I am not feeling as comfortable as I would have thought, and there are a few emotions coming to the surface.

So this is my inspiration for todays blog, the kids are going off into the world, they are filled with the excitement of new beginnings and I can also feel the undercurrent of uncertainty that comes with new environments, teachers and friendships.

Me on the other hand, I am having trouble letting go, I want to be there for them, I always have been. I also am excited about having more time to do the things I enjoy and reconnecting with that... I am sure by next week I will be loving this next chapter... but change is change and it can bring up a variety of emotions and can be unsettling. So lets explore this...

The Sense of smell, The limbic System and Emotions

OK so this is big, I love this area, its a passion of mine and I have experienced so many wonderful benefits from using essential oils to release or restore balance to our emotions.

Did you know that the sense of smell is the only sense that is first processed by the limbic system... All other senses, touch, tastes, sight and sound, are processed by the other areas of the brain first. When the aroma enters the nasal cavity it is detected by the olfactory nerve and other olfactory structures that relate to how we are feeling. The limbic system supports a variety of functions including emotions, behaviour, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction. You can probably relate to smelling some cookies baking and then a childhood memory pops up about cooking with your grandmother or other similar examples.

This is why using the sense of smell, particularly essential oils and aromatherapy, is so powerful when it comes to managing moods, emotions, memories and recall.

Generally speaking, Citrus oils make us feel happy and joyful. Some oils will make us feel more alert and energised when we feel tired and flat such as Peppermint! Floral oils soften us and are helpful when we feel irritated or angry. Earthy oils like vetiver and frankincense can make us feel grounded and safe when we feel scattered and stressed. There are so many powerful blends to help us and our children manage those big emotions!

Young Living have a large range of essential oils that can support you emotionally and physically - Simply select an oil that resonates with you and create a little ritual around applying it regularly, you can even add affirmations as well. All of these blends smell divine so they also act as a non-toxic perfume. The oils effect may be sudden and noticeable and other times more subtle and gradual.

Here are some of my favourite emotional blends;

Grounding - great for feeling stable and secure, nice to use during yoga or meditation. Peace and Calming - perfect for bedtime and when you feel down or sad. Stress Away - great to use when you feel under pressure and scattered En-Er-Gee - a great pick me up when you have been burning the candle at both ends.

Motivation - gives you ideas and energy to follow through

Transformation - break through block and move forward Forgiveness - use is you are holding onto resentment, if could be to need to forgive yourself or others. Joy - great to use if you are feeling low and sad or if you feel angry or irritated. Gratitude - to fill your heart with gratitude and be grateful - what we feel we attract more of the same so a little gratitude is always nice.

Hope - when you feel hopeless or lost and want to feel comforted and consoled and restore hope for the future.

Inner Child - to bring a joyful childlike fun to your like, reconnect with your passion and purpose, connect with your inner child.

Present Time - to bring you back to the hear and now to live in the moment

I know people who have used the Hope oil that say they feel content immediately after using, or use other oils such as Release and Trauma Life and they burst into tears or release some anger and feel much better after.

I have successfully used Valor and Citrus Fresh with Miss 7 to help with scary dreams, and Joy with Mr 5 to bring him to his happy place during an angry outburst.

Our ‘Joy’ story

Mr 5.5 is very intense, he exudes so much love and he is so wise, intelligent and mature but we occasionally see this intense anger and rage build up within him and nothing rational will assist at him this time… you can't talk about it in that moment, emotions aren’t rational, emotions are governed by the most primitive part of the brain.

So, let me paint the picture, We were attempting to go out for dinner as a family and our little boy was beside himself, he was angry and all of his clothes were ‘uncomfortable’ and he was refusing to get dressed… after much patience and many quiet words and possible suggestions of alternative outfits he was not budging… (I remembered I had just brought the Joy oil to try with him) – I placed a drop on his crown chakra and left him in his room while I said to my husband, ‘I think its best we stay home it is not going to be very enjoyable going out like this’… before we could finalise our plans, our son comes skipping, yes skipping, down the corridor with a huge smile on his face, dressed in clothes that were previously ’uncomfortable’ and telling us he was ready to go. Eating out with children can be challenging, but through the entire evening he was happy and content and ate well. My husband and I could not believe it! Since this ‘a-ha’ moment we have experienced so many other wonderful moments using essential oils.

How are you feeling? Rest and Digest Mode or Fight or Flight Mode.

Before I go today I ask you to check in with how you are feeling right now and in the last few days or weeks... Would you say you are living your life in the Rest and Digest Mode or Fight or Flight Mode.?

Rest and Digest mode is optimal for day to day life, there are no stress hormones pumping through our systems, blood pressure and blood sugar is more regular and our ever important digestive system functions more effectively.

Fight or Flight mode is when we are constantly under pressure to do something or be somewhere or meet a deadline, stress hormones are raging, digestion is put on hold and or body is operating in emergency survival mode. This is a really helpful mode to have but often we live our entire life here and all sorts of physical and emotional problems can arise from this.

So please check in, make your emotional wellbeing a priority for you and your family. Look into some tools such as meditation, breathing techniques, essential oils and carve out some time for self care, nourishment and reflection.

Live Wisely, Abbie x

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