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Updated: Mar 23

ayurveda and essential oils for healthy skin

I have used (and worked with) many different skincare ranges over the years - high performance paramedical ranges as well as organic skincare ranges - however today, I have to confess much of my skincare comes from my kitchen cupboard! If you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin, Right?

So why do I use food as skincare? Because its fun, its effective, it saves money, its better for the environment and the best reason yet - I am no longer layering carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting chemicals onto my body morning and night!

Today I wanted to share how easy it is to make your own products and bring your awareness to the amount of chemicals you may be layering onto your body! Think about it, hair products, skincare, makeup, deodorant, toothpaste and perfumes to name a few! Most popular brands are loaded with parabens, carcinogens, and endocrine disruptors - check your labels! Any nasties are being absorbed into your blood stream circulated around your body wreaking all sorts of havoc! We are using these products day in and day out, and often when we feel unwell we overlook these areas of our life because they seem benign and insignificant - but this constant exposure acts like a slow poison.

My favourite DIY skincare products:

  • Makeup Remover / cleanser: If I am wearing makeup or when my skin is a little dry I reach for my Coconut Oil. Take a 1/2 a tsp of Coconut Oil, warm it up between your fingertips and massage into skin, I also use around the eyes and lashes to remove mascara. After a minute or so the makeup will start to break down, now add some warm water to your hands and massage into your skin, this will emulsify the oil and makeup and even clean deep into your pores! Remove with a warm damp muslin face cloth.

  • Face Wash: If I want that squeaky clean foaming face wash feeling then I suggest you try Castile Soap, I like to buy the pure unscented Dr Bronners and customise with my favourite Essential Oils. I use this soap as a base for my body wash as well!

  • Hydrating Compress: My skin always glows after a compress. Fill your basin with warm water, add a couple of drops of Essential Oils to really enhance the experience. Soak your muslin face cloth, then wring-out excess water and press the warm cloth onto the skin... take some deep breaths and inhale the aromas! Repeat 10-15 times. My skin is really hydrated after this but also super smooth so it doubles as a gentle exfoliation!

  • Exfoliate: I really find the hydrating compress smoothes my skin beautifully but if you need more why not try one of these. Baking Soda paste - simply mix some baking soda with water! My personal favourite is mixing some Raw Honey with Almond Meal and ground Oats! I use about 1 tsp of this mix and apply to the face with a 'press and release' action and small circular movements. Honey is a humectant which means its hydrating and its also cleansing so I usually leave this mix on my skin for a few mins as a mask before removing. Himalayan Salt is also loaded with minerals that supports healthy skin, so you could add salt to to Coconut Oil or Honey to make a scrub!​​

  • Facial Massage: Ayurveda discusses the importance of Marma points which are specific energy junctions found all over the body and are important for healthy functioning of our body. Many Marma points are located on the scalp and face so a nice face and scalp massage can do wonders for the complexion as it simulates these vital energy centres.

  • Mask: I mix up my own - I love a base of Honey, Oil, Cream or Milk, Then I add some Neem powder and Turmeric powder (just a pinch) and my favouirte Essential Oils.

  • Toner / Hydrating Spray: If you are quite oily (Kapha skin type) and like a traditional toner then you will love using a good Apple Cider Vinegar (probiotics are so good for the skin and balance the level of good and bad bacterias), simply apply using a cotton pad. Witch Hazel is also a great option. If your skin tends to be sensitive, dry or dehydrated (Vata or Pitta skin types) opt for a floral hydrating spray like Rose Water.

  • Spot Treatment: As a spot treatment use Tea Tree Oil or better yet try the Melrose Oil which combines 4 different oils including Tea Tree, Clove, Rosemary and Niaouli.

  • Anti-ageing serum: I am currently using a mix of Frankincense, Helichrysum, Sandalwood and Lavender with Jojoba or Rosehip Oil. I mix it up in a roller ball and roll it onto my face and neck daily. I also apply to the back of my hands.

  • Moisturise: I use Coconut Oil / Jojoba Oil / Rosehip Oil as a base and add some skin loving Essential Oils like Copaiba, Frankincense, Lavender, Rose, Myrrh, Helichrysum or Geranium. If you want a lighter hydrating moisturiser try some Aloe Vera.

  • Sunscreen: I tend to opt for a physical sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

NOTE: Citrus oils cause photosensitivity so I tend to avoid topical application to the skin, especially during the daytime - if you would really like to use make sure you avoid UV exposure for at least 12 hours.

Skin Loving Essential Oils Some wonderful essential oils that nourish and beautify the skin are Rose, Sacred Sandalwood, Helichrysum, Copaiba, Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Gentle Baby and Geranium. Essential oils have some many benefits and the perfect way to customise your routine and add a beautiful aroma! You do not need to have all of these oils so use what you like and what you have.

Ayurvedic Skin Types:

  • Vata Skin: thin texture, dry flaky, prone to dehydration and premature ageing and dark patches.

  • Pitta Skin: pale, medium texture and oil flow, freckles, burns easily, sensitive, hormonal breakouts, couperose, sensitive to heat and prone to redness

  • Kapha Skin: Thicker texture, prone to more oiliness and congestion.

As with your Ayurvedic constitution you may notice signs of 2 or 3 Dosha's present in your complexion so you can customise your routine as required with different essential oils and base products.

Lastly, a genuine smile makes you feel good and look gorgeous, all while toning the muscles of your face, so keep smiling!

Live Wisely, Abbie x

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