Sensitive or stained teeth? Have you tried oil pulling?

Updated: Mar 23

Oil pulling is very popular at the moment and the origin can actually be traced back to Ayurveda as part of the daily routine for oral hygiene - in Sanskrit is called Gundusha or Kavala Graha.

I get so excited when I see practices that are gaining popularity that are outlined in the ancient texts, they certainly have stood the test of time!

My teeth can be a little sensitive - especially when I used conventional toothpaste or expose them to cold or acidic foods - Ouch!

I also find this time of year (it's been cold here in Australia) it can seem worse - the other day I went for a little jog and the cool air I was breathing in through the teeth was enough to make them ache! As soon as I got home I rubbed some sesame oil on them and it provided instant relief!

Oil pulling can be performed with many different oils or even a combination of two oils - and then you can add herbs or essential oils to increase the desired effect... I find coconut oil especially good for yellow discoloured teeth and bleeding gums but if you suffer from sensitive teeth, receding gums or teeth that feel 'loose' I would recommend sesame oil - so strengthening and soothing!

Other wonderful mediums, all with different benefits, are honey, milk, ghee and herbal decoctions like Triphala Kashayam.


  • whitening of the teeth

  • strengthens the teeth when they feel 'loose'

  • good for receding gums

  • reduces plaque

  • prevents bad breath

  • improves oral hygiene

  • improves complexion and tone of facial muscles

  • mouth ulcers

  • reduces sensitive teeth

  • detoxifying effect as it draws toxins out of the body

  • clears sinusitis and rhinitis

  • helpful with most diseases of the head, neck, ears, eyes and mouth.

How to

  • Always do oil pulling in the morning on an empty stomach, ideally after scraping your tongue.

  • Take 1-2 tspns. of your chosen oil or oils into the mouth and swish it around, 'pulling' it through the teeth for 5-20mins.

  • Once complete, always spit oil into the bin (as solidified oils can clog drains, especially coconut in colder climates) and best not to swallow!

  • Rinse mouth with warm water

Ready to get started?

You can buy a medicated herbal oil such as Daily Swish from Banyan Botanicals or if you love a good DIY then its super simple to make your own buy choosing an organic cold pressed virgin oil coconut or sesame oil and adding a few essential oils. For extra freshness you can choose some peppermint essential oil or for a clean hygienic feel I like the Thieves blend, Both of these oils are included in the Premium Starter Kit.

Click here to purchase Daily Swish and other essentials to support your Ayurvedic daily routine, for more inspo check out their Catalogue.

If you would like to get started on with some powerful versatile essential oils to support a chemical free lifestyle, click here to shop the Starter Kits.

Live Wisely, Abbie x

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