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An Ayurvedic nightcap for sleep

Updated: May 7

How is your sleep? As autumn begins and the qualities of Vata increase in our bodies it’s the first thing people start to talk about. The mums at school start saying it’s taking longer for their child to go off to sleep in the evenings and they start to notice more restless nights themselves. Before Ayurveda, I would not have noticed these patterns, no-one really talks about how the seasons impact our mood and health, but it is very clearly described in the ancient Ayurvedic texts and the seasonal routine or Rithucharya outlines some simple ways to stay balanced as the seasons change. As Vata increases we see more movement in the body and in the mind, the nervous system can be overactive making it difficult to go off to sleep.

I have written a blog post about sleep so you can incorporate a few changes into your evening routine, but in the meantime time try this delicious sleep tonic.

This simple recipe contains only two ingredients, Nutmeg and cow’s milk. Nutmeg contains compounds that bring balance and calm, it is very grounding. The warm milk provides a comforting, nourishing warmth that leaves us feeling content and ready for a blissful sleep.

Heating the milk is important as it makes the milk easier to digest and the warmth balances the cold tendency of Vata. Always heat on the stove (we don’t do microwaves) and opt for organic non-homogenised milk.

How to:

1. Bring 1 cup of full fat milk to the boil and then reduce heat, stirring occasionally for a couple of minutes. 2. Add a ¼ teaspoon of ground Nutmeg and stir to combine.

3. Pour into your favourite mug and sip mindfully before bed.

If you have a pitta constitution and start to get the pitta munchies at 10pm, this is the perfect solution, it’s comforting but also easy to digest.

Until next time, Live Wisely,

Abbie xx

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. It is for informational/educational purposes only, and provides Ayurvedic insight about how you can best support your body through seasonal changes.

Always consult your health care professional.

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