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Healy is a device that analyses the frequencies of your body using a quantum sensor, then delivers optimal frequencies to your body through a smart wearable to re-establish a state of equilibrium resulting in balanced emotions, physical well-being & optimised cellular function.

Healy has over 120 programs & 144000 frequencies that target everything - skin, fitness, mood, sleep, discomfort, chakras, immunity and more -  simply choose the program for you. 

'Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it, Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.'

~ Unknown

What could Healy help you to cultivate in your life?

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FREE Healy scan

If your anything like me, you are super curious and you now have 100's of questions,

How does it work? How can it help me? Is it accurate? Can I try it out? Where do you buy one?

Get in touch for your FREE Healy experience , Your choice of an Aura scan or Resonance scan to see what your body is resonating with right now!

Book now for your FREE scan and I can get all your questions answered.



Basically to look and feel your best, optimise your wellbeing & the bodies natural intelligence. The body is always in a state of flux trying to balance out energy that we are coming into contact with, you may have a particular concern you are wanting to rebalance or you maybe in perfect health in which case many biohackers use Healy to fortify their body & emotions. 

'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration'


If you consider that every thing is energy, that every substance, every emotion, every organ, every disease has a unique frequency or energetic blueprint, now imagine if you could deliver a favourable frequency to every cell in your body to cultivate wellness, happiness & vilatity...

That's the magic of Healy.

Albert Abrams studied the body & believed if the frequency of our body drops to 59Mhz we are more susceptible to catching a cold or flu, if it falls to 42 Mhz our body becomes susceptible to cancer, ultimately the lower the frequency the more likely we are to fall ill - the higher our vibration the more vitality we experience. So it makes sense, choose foods, activities, emotions & tools that help to raise our vibration.

If you examine even the most physically dense materials we know, you break them down into their smallest constituents you always find the same thing, mainly empty space and electrically charged particles. This subtle energy underpins and is the fabric of our very existence, so imagine being able to enhance and optimise the vibrational frequencies of body.


The first time I tried Healy I was not experiencing any physical discomfort in my body so I decided to run a Chakra balancing program, The Analysis app suggested I should work on my base chakra.


I connected the wrist straps, lied down and got comfy. I closed my eyes and settled in for the session only just aware of the gentle tingling sensation in my fingers as the energy passed through my body. Then, about halfway through the program I started to 'see' the red colour through my third eye chakra while my eyes were closed.

For context, when I meditate, its not uncommon for me to 'see' indigo, violet & pulsing green, the first time I experienced this was during my reiki attunement almost 20 years ago. With this being said I am never able to visualise the other colours (red, orange, yellow), despite countless guided meditations, reiki healings, energy balance sessions, however within minutes of running the base chakra program I was seeing the associated colour which is red, just like when I experienced my reiki attunement all those years ago! 

The Healy effect!

To read more testimonials from others click the link below - so many amazing stories of how others are using Healy to get better sleep, manage discomforts, balance mood and so much more.



Healy is a phenomenal product using cutting edge technology that allows me to get the benefits of an energy balancing session from the comfort of my own home, that is so valuable to me especially when I consider the cost per treatment of such a treatment. 

I value my health and see Healy as the ultimate wellness investment for emotional physical and spiritual wellbeing, and for you peace of mind Healy stand behind their product and offer a 2 Week money back Guarantee so that you can try Healy for your self and experience the shifts.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain, try Healy today.



All of the ancients knew about this subtle energy body, they taught about meridians, nadis, chakras, marma points, auras and energetic sheaths around the body and there is a famous saying in Ayurveda is that if you can control your Vata, the most subtle aspects of our being, we can more easily maintain the balance of the other two doshas.

According to Ayurveda everybody has a unique constitution that is constantly is an evolving state, as above so beloew and like increase like and opposites pacify, I love that every time a Healy Program is delivered it is completely customised for you energetic state in this present moment. 

science meets spirituality


Marcus Schmieke is the creator of Healy, is a Quantum Physicist and former monk, he is both wise & intelligent & his intention for Healy is to empower people with self healing energy medicine that creates a ripple effect of wellness & raising the consciousness on the planet.

Marcus first developed Timer Waver technology for practitioners many years ago and wanted to use this technology to create a device that everyone could benefit from everyday.