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Ayurveda Adelaide South Australia Young Living Essential Oils Abbie Marshall

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If you are new to Ayurveda, you have probably heard about the 3 Dosha's - Vata, Pitta Kapha, and your probably itching to find out what your dominant dosha is! Well this quiz is for you!  Within a few mins you will have a general understanding of your constitution  and receive some tips as to how to keep in balance.

If you have been exploring Ayurveda for a while you will understand that there are many layers of wisdom that continue to unfold, like a lotus flower, so while I like to simplify it in the beginning, you will come to learn so much more as you build on the foundations of the three doshas. Join my on my blog or subscribe to learn more.



Are you looking for a few Ayurvedic supplies? Possibly a tongue scraper, neti pot, medicated body oils or ayurvedic herbs?

Banyan Botanicals have a great range of Fairly Traded, Sustainably Sourced and Organic products.

If you would like some insight as to which products might be best for you, take the Dosha Quiz above and pop back here to place your order for local Australian shipping.



Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation explores your unique constitution as well as any imbalances you may be experiencing, post consultation you will receive diet and lifestyle advice to restore balance as well as herbal formulations and treatment recommendations. Regular follow up consultations are perfect to assess progress & address any seasonal changes that may be required including dietary, lifestyle, herbal support and treatments.

Ayurvedic Treatments are very unique and very specific in their action, from the stillness and tranquillity created during Shirodhara to the energising and invigorating effects of Udwartanam. The subtleness of the Marma massage and the deep effects of the Kizhi. While the treatments are wonderful to experience it is important to consider your constitution, any imbalances and the season before selecting a treatment. An Ayurvedic consultation is recommended before treatments.



Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Initial Consultation


We will discuss your current diet, lifestyle, digestion and elimination, current concerns and medical history to discover your constitution, Recommendations are then made to rebalance the Doshas, this may include food and daily routine, treatments and herbal support.


Warm Herbal Oil Massage


Warm herbal oil, Mahanarayana Tailam, is applied with long flowing strokes to the head, face & body. Abyanga detoxes & rejuvenates the body & mind, circulation is increased during treatment so every cell of the body is nourished & wastes are removed.


Vital Energy Point Massage


Vital energy points  are gently massaged with a small amount of aromatic oil in order to release blockages & stagnation to enable the free flow of prana stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Shiro Abyanga

Ayurvedic Head Massage


A seated massage where warm herbal oils are applied to the scalp, face & shoulders. A combination of relaxing & invigorating movements are used which leave you feeling light, calm & centred yet also alert & energised.


Herbal Powder Friction Massage


A vigorous friction massage performed with herbal powders to detoxify the body by draining the lymphatic system, reducing excess body weight & fluid retention. The treatment leaves you feeling light, invigorated & energised.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Follow Up


2 weeks after your initial consultation you generally see quite a few shifts in the body as the diet and lifestyle changes as well as herbal support correct the imbalances. This is the ideal time to discuss progress and any modifications.

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