Hello and Welcome!


We always like to meet people where they are at - its all about you and nothing really about us!


Its really about identifying your strengths and passions, the things that light you up!

Its about allowing yourself the space to reflect on and breakdown any preconceived ideas about how you should be and what a career should look like and what others expect you to do and instead, align with YOUR DREAMS, YOUR PURPOSE and YOUR DIVINE GIFTS.

Once you uncover these aspects of yourself and the limitless potential you have when you align with your life's purpose, thats where we can help you integrate Young Living as the vehicle to create the abundance that is your birthright - all you need to do is follow your heart, your guidance, and TAKE ACTION steps.

It truly is about integrating Young Living with your interests - merge them together! We have people on our team that are holistic health coaches, herbal practitioners, reiki healers and yoga instructors... and we also have people on our team that train animals and use Young Living in their veterinary clinics. We have people who have corporate backgrounds in marketing and finance and apply their skills to their Young Living business.

Many of us want to contribute to society, we want to help others, we want to have time and resources to make the world a better place and we can serve others better when we have our own needs met, we can give once we are out of poverty ourselves.



The products are life changing and have been around since 1993 so its not an overnight sensation, the wellness industry in the fastest growing industry and more and more people want to eliminate chemicals from their homes. Young Living is for everybody, Not a limited market!


The Young Living range is huge offering very unique products as well as consumable products that people reorder every month. 

Whenever I hear leaders in Young Living speak it is obvious that there is no luck involved with success in this business - You truly get out what you put in! The potential rewards are limitless, travel, friendships, community, experiences, adventures, recognition, training  and financial abundance.

When I first joined Young Living I did not know the in and outs but I had this 'FEELING' that it was special, and that I needed to be involved, and I am so glad I did, my only regret is that I did not get the opportunity sooner... 



We have a diverse team with a range of interests and expertise and we have created tools to make sharing the Young Living products easy and also provide ongoing education and support for all members.


We have online groups to support you as a business builder as well as your customers, we have created tools and templates for running classes and years of experience using the products. 

We share what we learn and know - Its all about COLLABORATION!


Do you want to create abundance for you and your family?

Do you have an interest in wellbeing or low-tox living?

Do you want flexible work hours that meet the needs of your family?

Are you a motivated self-starter ready to embrace a new exciting opportunity?

If you answered yes to any of the above we would LOVE to speak with you about how

Young Living can be the vehicle to make your dreams a reality!

Seriously, if you are considering this, if it feels 'right' – get in touch with the person who introduced you to Young Living! They can answer your questions, nut out the compensation plan and get you headed in the right direction! Likewise if you want to sit on it for a while then that is also great, We are here when the time is right!

Don’t forget you are surrounded by a team of people that love the oils as much as you do, and we want you to succeed, so when you join our team we will support and empower you! We share our resources and experiences! Follow your heart and your passion, change your life and be a part of something amazing!

These oils have seriously changed the way I live each day and consequently the way I feel,


Now I am sharing Gary Young's vision of getting Essential Oils into every home!