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While you are eagerly waiting the arrival of your first order I thought I would share some useful links so you can start learning about these amazing products! So best pour yourself a cup of tea and settle in!


Remember, It's important to me that you get the most out of your oils so please reach out if there is

anything you need!


Also, Member Services are always available to answer any questions over the phone and there are lots of resources in your virtual office so be sure to log in and check it out!

Member Services 1300 28 9536


If you are anything like me you will be feeling super excited and ready to dive right in, while also thinking ‘where do I start?’ So here are some handy links to help you out!


For information on every Young Living essential oil and blends you can not go past these two references. They both cover how to use the oils, what chakras or vita plex points to apply them to, as well as guides to dilution and internal use.

App: Essential Oils Reference Guide to Young Living Oil

Book: Essential Oils Desk / Pocket Reference

Essential oils are very concentrated & powerful so always make sure you are using them appropriately, here is a link to some Essential Oil Safety Data.

The best way to incorporate the oils into your daily routine is to buy some amber bottles, sprays, pumps and roller balls. This allows you to make your own products that are convenient and ready to go when you need them. I like to make a leave hair conditioning spray, body oils, skin care, chest rubs with RC, muscle rubs with PanAway and my own roll on perfume. Even bug spray!

You can get all this and more from websites like Diffusional.


You are also welcome to join the following groups to learn more about Young Living products and events.

Facebook Group: Live, Laugh, PHLAIR!

Facebook Group: Oily Oms


Now you don't have to look very far to see how powerful Essential Oils are! There are many articles in medical journals on PubMed detailing their effectiveness in treating or managing many diseases. They have also been used for thousands of years for spiritual development, they are powerful antioxidants, and have anti-microbial properties. This makes them so versatile and effective.

Secondly, with Young Living's Seed to Seal stamp you know you are getting the purest, concentrated essential oil possible. 

With these two points in mind, use the oils with respect, use as directed and a little goes a long way.

While using the oils I know you will experience many shifts in your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing, just as I have, However it is important when you are sharing the oils with others that you do not make claims to diagnose, treat or cure a particular condition and always encourage people to use an integrated approach with their health care provider.

I find it is best to tell people 'how' to use the oil and then allow them to experience the benefits for themselves and empower them with resources and references for them to seek the information they need!


If you have not already joined as an Essential Rewards (ER) member now is the perfect time to do so! Essential Rewards is the most cost effective and intelligent way to buy. Its like a frequent flyer program that rewards you with FREE products when you place regular orders.

  • Do you want to explore more products from the Young Living range? for example Thieves home cleaning, internal supplements or personal care products?

  • Do you want to get some free products? (10-20% of your order value)

  • Do you want discounted shipping?

  • Do you want exclusive offers?

  • Do you want to get paid if you share Young Living with others? (Starter kit Bonus and Fast Start Bonus)


I also love that I am saving money at the pharmacy and supermarket while also detoxing my life!

I would suggest starting with Essential Rewards as this is the best value and if for any reason you wish to go back to a wholesale account you simply call Young Living and revert back to a Wholesale Member.


Visit Young Living & log in with your details & set up your Essential Rewards order. There are some great value Essential Rewards Kits – I suggest trying the Thieves or Ningxia Rewards Kit!

If you have any questions or want to know more please contact the person who introduced you to Young Living or ask on our Facebook Goup - We are here to help any way we can!

TIP: Set a monthly reminder to log in each month and revise/edit your monthly order to avoid shipment of the same order.


NOTE: When you log in you will notice there is an option for a 'Standard Order' and an 'Essential Reward Order', Your monthly order should always be created in Essential Rewards. If you are redeeming points or making an additional order then create a 'Standard Order'


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Did you know you can get your oils paid for simply by sharing Young Living with others?


In a few weeks you will be feeling more confident with how to use the oils; people will come to your home and comment on the amazing aromas! Or say 'your skin looks great, what are you using?'

Or ask you about your roll-on Stress Away oil!

Anyway, you get the point – your natural, authentic Young Living story will start to emerge – how the oils have helped you and people will relate to your story because they resonate with your truth and passion.

“I’ll have what she’s having!”

Soon enough you realise – you don’t have to sell anything – the oils do all the work!

All you do is use the oils and tell others about how the oils have helped you!


Before you realise it, you are sharing the oils, It’s an organic process! And that’s so important for me!


When you share the oils with others, Young Living will pay you a 'Thank you' commission. 

All you need to do is set up your Essential Rewards order and share away!

Your Starter Kit comes with sample bottles so you can start sharing now!


Talk to your sponsor or enroller if you have any questions.